Finding a Christian life partner can never be that easy. We have make it simple & safe. Only for those who are seriously wanting to be in love, believe in God’s will and directions to live happy ever after, till death do us part.


Three easy steps to find your soulmate

Step 1.


Biometric Personality Profiling

Every Christian singles based in Singapore, will receive a Biometric personality profiling, simply based on their fingerprints’ biodata. Profile reports will be generated without the need of questionnaire. So be assured that there is no cheating and manipulation. Be assured that this is not palm reading, fortune telling nor astrology. No need to put on a mask and just present your true self simply through your fingerprints. Our experts will also share with you your traits, capabilities and compatibility with your ideal life partner.


Zq Profiling (Personal Human lifespan development)

A ZQ survey and profiling will help our experts to understand your lifespan profile and your life perspective, your christian values and similarly to assist you to visualise the life partnership and life story you are looking for with your potential Christian life partner.

Step 2.


Video Self-Introduction

A makeover and introduction video will help you to portray the best of you and what you are looking for in your future life partner. Your video will be held in confidential and it will be anonymous, and will only be shown to interested party in private.

Step 3.


Matching & Dating

Based on compatibility test and your requirements, a few matches will be arranged for viewing. Based on the video viewing and consultation with our experts with the biometric profiling, a date will be arranged for each couple. If there is chemistry, the history is for you to make. Falling in love can never be that easy. We have make it simple and safe.

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